Monday, September 1, 2008


EVERYTHING about this movie was absolutely awful. A true story about a little girl who has probably never acted before in her life who loses her dad after some sort of a freak accident and starts talking about herself in third person? That's the movie? In summary, nothing ever changes, it's always sad, the acting is always awful, and the dialogue was written by a third grader who watches a lot of Passions. Awful, it'll put you in the kind of mood that you never thought you could ever be in. awful.
also, i couldn't find the movie cover which is no surprise (since i did find this movie at the thrift store next to the movie "mermaids" which is actually good.) so instead i put a picture of this weird disney mermaid contemplating on a rock., or what might as well be a rock. 

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Sandy Caribou said...

hahahahhahahahahahah fucking gold.