Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Indian in the Cupboard

If only the kid in this movie wasn't so embarassing, and if only him and his best friend patrick were actually cute. and if only this movie wasn't centered around America's biggest mistake. Is it okay though since "Little Bear" is played by "Litefoot?" Still haven't decided bout that one, but i'll sure let you know when i do because I have a crush on Litefoot as it is, so maybe we'll run into each other in future films (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation??? I should actually start listening to his RAP music) Omri. what can i say about him? This kid is such a bad actor and his teeth will bug the heck out of you if youre not careful. I guess he only had one movie after that (searching for bobby fischer? anybody? anybody?) And after all is said and done what a good solid movie. I am glad patrick didn't tell the teacher about the lil guys in his neon yellow fanny pack!  That would've been a surefire way to ruin the whole movie! 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Sure Thing

John Cusack really likes to be the dumb guy that gets the smart girl in movies huh? Or is it just this movie and Say Anything. I don't know, either way he plays it well. I mean, really Alison Bradbury (Daphne Zuniga) and Diane Court (Ione Skye) might as well be the same person, and Say Anything might as well just be the sequel. But really, this movie was made in 1985 and theres no mistaking that. There is a road trip to L.A involved, a lot of old college cliches, and actually its NOT all that funny, who would have thought. 

Monday, September 1, 2008


EVERYTHING about this movie was absolutely awful. A true story about a little girl who has probably never acted before in her life who loses her dad after some sort of a freak accident and starts talking about herself in third person? That's the movie? In summary, nothing ever changes, it's always sad, the acting is always awful, and the dialogue was written by a third grader who watches a lot of Passions. Awful, it'll put you in the kind of mood that you never thought you could ever be in. awful.
also, i couldn't find the movie cover which is no surprise (since i did find this movie at the thrift store next to the movie "mermaids" which is actually good.) so instead i put a picture of this weird disney mermaid contemplating on a rock., or what might as well be a rock. 

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I lOvE tHiS mOvIe!!!!! ABSOLUTELY.
This movie was made in 1983, of course. There is a lot of "totally" "for sure" and "likes" in this movie, but used in the most appropriate ways. I mean, I support it because Nicholas Cage (Randy, the punk rock one, obviously not from the valley)  knows what he is doing. Julie isn't very pretty for being the leader of the popular girls and for dating, then breaking up with (oh, thats a good scene, she breaks up with this guy in a mall at the bottom of some escalators while her possy is about 5 feet away- she was never in love with him i guess.) the guy every girl says is a total hunk.
Favorite quote: "Fuck off...for totally" (Nik Cage) 
  My only regret is that it is too short. If you know me then you know I love short movies. If you know me than you know that you must see Valley Girl. 

Monday, June 30, 2008

Poor Little Rich Girl

Oh my god! This movie is really cute. Don't you love how Shirley just saddles up to men all the time, putting her arm around the old grouchy Mr. Peck and tellin' her father Mr. Barry that she wants "to be his wife"? 
Hallelujah! Hozanna! No more spinach!
And most of all, I'm into the tap sequences. 
I'll bet that kids lined 'round the block just to get into the new Shirley Temple matinee, probably in their dress cut like tiny t-shirts with their thighs pokin' out like two sausage hams - just like little Ol' Miss Barbara Barry, aka Betsy Ware, aka Bonnie Dolan. No finish, really, though: dad starts dating again and his soap company merges with another one. Actually sounds kind of sad if you ask me. But don't ask B, because she'll frown and laugh at the same time in your raggedy-eye-browed face. 

Friday, June 27, 2008

Reality Bites

There's not much to say about this movie really, except for that it was made in the 90s and Ben Stiller directed it, and put himself in 10 minutes of it just to have a makeout scene with Winona Ryder. I watched it because I was craving a peice of 90s romantic comedy, and all I can say is I was still craving it when the movie was over. I should have watched Say Anything, or any John Cusack movie really. c-, for effort, on my part. 

They Babysitters Club

Alex is steaming HARD right now. You see, I watched the babysitters club senza di lei. (that is italian for without her..oops) I'm pretty sure there are a lot of different babysitters club movies, the one that i watched was the one where they start the camp in Maryanne's backyard estate. The whole movie I was trying to figure out where I had seen Logan in other movies, he is austin o'brien! that cutie in my girl 2. Thing is he is MUCH more of a stud in the babysitter's club. He is Logan. Maryanne's boyfriend from Kentucky. droool. I want to BE Maryanne in this movie. She is 13 and she has the life that any 17 year old could possibly dream of! They push eachother around in maryanne's backyard on hay stacks while they fall into eachothers arms and kiss, screaming children in the backyard doing potato sack races.
It's actually not that sad that Claudia's dad never comes around because her acting needed some improvement at that time in her life. my question is: what is the big deal claudia?! Your friends care about you! They are not going to think you're a weirdo freak just be cause youre father is estranged from your family. Earth to Claudia! That's what family is for!
If you haven't seen it then I shall say no more, its very classy. That's all.