Friday, June 27, 2008

They Babysitters Club

Alex is steaming HARD right now. You see, I watched the babysitters club senza di lei. (that is italian for without her..oops) I'm pretty sure there are a lot of different babysitters club movies, the one that i watched was the one where they start the camp in Maryanne's backyard estate. The whole movie I was trying to figure out where I had seen Logan in other movies, he is austin o'brien! that cutie in my girl 2. Thing is he is MUCH more of a stud in the babysitter's club. He is Logan. Maryanne's boyfriend from Kentucky. droool. I want to BE Maryanne in this movie. She is 13 and she has the life that any 17 year old could possibly dream of! They push eachother around in maryanne's backyard on hay stacks while they fall into eachothers arms and kiss, screaming children in the backyard doing potato sack races.
It's actually not that sad that Claudia's dad never comes around because her acting needed some improvement at that time in her life. my question is: what is the big deal claudia?! Your friends care about you! They are not going to think you're a weirdo freak just be cause youre father is estranged from your family. Earth to Claudia! That's what family is for!
If you haven't seen it then I shall say no more, its very classy. That's all.

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Chris said...

A little tidbit: the guy who played the character from Kentucky had no idea he had to do the part with a southern accent until the first day of shooting.

I think I saw that on HBO First Look, or it could've been some other channel my sister was watching.