Monday, June 30, 2008

Poor Little Rich Girl

Oh my god! This movie is really cute. Don't you love how Shirley just saddles up to men all the time, putting her arm around the old grouchy Mr. Peck and tellin' her father Mr. Barry that she wants "to be his wife"? 
Hallelujah! Hozanna! No more spinach!
And most of all, I'm into the tap sequences. 
I'll bet that kids lined 'round the block just to get into the new Shirley Temple matinee, probably in their dress cut like tiny t-shirts with their thighs pokin' out like two sausage hams - just like little Ol' Miss Barbara Barry, aka Betsy Ware, aka Bonnie Dolan. No finish, really, though: dad starts dating again and his soap company merges with another one. Actually sounds kind of sad if you ask me. But don't ask B, because she'll frown and laugh at the same time in your raggedy-eye-browed face. 

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